HVW 2 Day Stage Race - Women

08th June 2013
Stage 1 - 10 Mile Time Trial

Saturday saw the Home Valley Wheelers promote their first Stage Race for Women. The race started with a 10-mile time trial on the local hilly out and back course. The course record set by Laura Trott last year (in the open event that supported the men’s Stage Race) stands at 24 mins 34 secs. First off of the 35 starters was Jessica O’Brien (RST Trigon), finishing in 30:37. It was clear the women of Champion System/Maxgear/Base were chasing a good result and it was Joanne Blakeley who set the early benchmark of 26:00, with teammate Eve Dixon in finishing in 26:47 (a time good enough for 6th place on the stage). The stage eventually went to Vanessa Whitfield (VC St Raphael) with a time of 25:44, Gina Riley (Chester RC) took third in 26:03, and Rachael Mellor (Holme Valley Wheelers) deserves a mention in 5th (26:45).

Vanessa Whitfield (VC St Raphael) & Joanne Blakeley (Champion System/Maxgear/Base)

Gina Riley (Chester RC) and Iona Sewell (GB Cycles.co.uk)

Stage 1 Results
1 Vanessa Whitfield VC St Raphael 00:25:44
2 Joanne Blakeley Champion System/Maxgear/Base 00:26:00
3 Gina Riley Chester RC 00:26:03
4 Eleanor Jones VC St Raphael 00:26:39
5 Rachel Mellor Holme Valley Wheelers 00:26:45

Stage 2 - 33 mile Road Race

In the afternoon and riders faced a 33-mile road race over three hilly laps. The first half of the lap being the outward leg of the morning’s time trial, before switching to the country roads, with a long decent to the lowest point on the course before the long climb back to the finish line. On the opening lap things stayed largely together, with Alice Cobb (Scott Contessa Epic) having a go at breaking away on one of the flater sections. With two riders in the top four, VC St Raphael could be seen on the front keeping the field together. Going into the final lap the riders were starting to drop out the back of the lead group as the terrain began to take it toll and the lead group was down to nine.

Joanne Blakeley (Champion System/Maxgear/Base) leds the field away on the first of three hilly 11 mile laps

Alice Cobb (Scott Contessa Epic) tries to make a break on lap 1

VC St Raphael were keen to protect the overall led of Vanessa Whitfield and so it was hard for anyone to break away

There was some re-grouping on the final lap, but the long up hill sprint for the line broke them up again, with five riders at the front with 300 meters to go. Joanne Blakeley (Champion System/Maxgear/Base) went one better than during the time trial to take the win from Sarah Murray (Leeds University Gryphons Cycling Team) and Claire Martin (Edinburgh RC). Fifth place was enough for Whitfield to keep her overall lead and become the first winner of the Wheelers Stage Race.

Joanne Blakeley (Champion System/Maxgear/Base) took the small group sprint for the stage

Top five on Stage 2

Top three overall

Stage 2 Results
1 Joanne Blakeley Champion System/Maxgear/Base 01:38:39
2 Sarah Murray Leeds University Gryphons Cycling Team 01:38:39
3 Claire Martin Edinburgh RC 01:38:39
4 Donna Edmondson Booker Crosstrax 01:38:39
5 Vanessa Whitfield VC St Raphael 01:38:39

Final General Classification
1 Vanessa Whitfield VC St Raphael 02:04:23
2 Joanne Blakeley Champion System/Maxgear/Base 02:04:39
3 Gina Riley Chester RC 02:04:47
4 Eve Dixon Champion System/Maxgear/Base u23 02:05:26
5 Amy Gornall Scott Contessa Epic u23 02:05:33

Stage 1 Results - Stage 2 Results - Final Overall Results

Full Gallery - You Tube Video

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