Christmas & New Year

07th December 2012
Photos make a great present for loved ones of all ages, and with 20% off all orders over £30 (excluding P&P), Christmas is great time to give them as gifts.

The 20% off applies to all our events including those in the archive, so whether it photos of one person from a number of events or multiple copies of one photo, you can still save.

Last Ordering Dates for Christmas

Our last date for ordering prints to receive them before Christmas is noon on Sunday the 16th December. We suggest ordering as early as possible to avoid being disappointed (a few days of snow in the run up to Christmas can cause delays). Between the 17th and 2nd of January all print orders will be shipped direct from the printers (last order date for the printers is the 16th - delivery will be subject to the Printers and Post Office working times). Normal service will resume from the 2nd of January 2012.

Digital files will still be emailed out as usual up until the 24th. After that time they will be sent as soon as possible (likely to be no more than 48hrs).

If you wish to use the digital file for gifts such as mugs, t-shirts etc from the various outlets that do these items, please allow enough time for them to create and deliver the items (many companies are stating the 12th of December as the last day to order).

After some gifts this Christmas? Check out the links below including discount codes

We also have a few items of running kit on sale on ebay (all new items)

Wiggle - Cycling, Running and Triathlon Store - Great place to get running kit

Maplin - The Electronics Specialist

Wex Photographic - All the camera equipment you could wish for

Ann Summers - Christmas isn't just about new running shoes

7 Day Shop

Merry Christmas

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