Olympic Torch Relay - Day 37 (Huddersfield)

24th June 2012
Sunday saw the Olympic Torch Relay come to Huddersfield. After starting the day in Salford, before passing though Trafford (where Booby Charlton carried it past Old Trafford), Stockport and Oldham the torch arrived just before noon in Marsh.

The route took the flame past Greenhead Park and onto St George’s Square, where people gathered in the thousands to get a glimpse the flame, before heading off in convoy to Brighouse on its way to Leeds for the evenings celebrations.

Jack Grimwood (078) carries the torch

Kristian Boey (079) with the torch

People gathered on mass to get a glimpse of the torch

Jack Grimwood (078) and Kristian Boey (079)

Entertainment (and freebies) were provided by Coca Cola and Samsung

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